DAiSY: ReGrowth

Under the theme of ReGrowth DAiSY is offering weekly arts, creative writing and dance fitness workshops online, with some offline activities also available. The programme is designed and delivered by a talented group of artists and features workshops and tasks to keep you creative, fit and having fun!

All activities are free and anyone can get involved. The programme runs from June to September 2020 and is kindly funded through Community Foundation Surrey and Arts Council England grants.

In addition DAiSY is also delivering arts packs through letterboxes, offering online group sessions to DAiSY member organisations in each art form and is launching a bursary programme, to support talented emerging artists to develop their work. 

Arts Activities

Join DAiSY resident artist Julie Hoyle as we build a digital woodland. 

Each week Julie will share an online video with fun, creative tasks that anyone can get involved with. As the weeks progress we will build our own digital woodland, populated with your artwork. 

Videos go live every Monday at 11am on Facebook and Youtube, and then are available at DAiSY’s Youtube channel.

DAiSY have also produced free activity sheets downloadable here or via email (see address below).

If you have made artwork you can submit it to Julie’s digital Woodland by emailing it to regrowthartwork@gmail.com

Creative Writing

Join experienced writer and workshop leader Jackie Wills for her weekly ‘DAiSY: Get Writing Micro-podcast’. Each episode will include writing tasks to get your creative brain going.

The Podcast goes live every Friday at 10am. It is available here, and at all popular podcast providers. 


Join professional dancer Alice Shepperson for her weekly accessible dance fitness workouts. Each session will include loads of moving and exercises whilst having fun!

The videos go live every Tuesday at 3pm on Facebook and Youtube. The videos are then available at the DAiSY Youtube channel.

All activities are free and anyone can get involved.

If you would like further information please contact: admin@daisyfest.co.uk

Sharing Day and New Adventures Workshop

On Thursday 27th February 2020 DAiSY groups Bloomin Arts, Dramatize and Orpheus came together at in the Orpheus Centre Barn Theatre for a day of sharing and workshops.

The day began with an exhilarating Zumba class run by Dramatize. This was followed by a sharing of dance work by The Orpheus Centre students, followed by participants from Bloomin Arts new performance group.

In the afternoon the groups were joined by Paul and Luke from Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures. Paul and Luke shared their knowledge as professional performers and then delivered skill sharing activities around the famous Mathew Bourne ballet work Swan Lake.

The groups devised several responses to Swan Lake, which were shared at the end of the session. Everyone had a really great day, and we hope to deliver more similar workshops soon.

Sew They Say

What is it you would like to tell the world?

Using a mix of traditional applique sewing and modern dyeing techniques, Surrey Arts Wardrobe are working with DAiSY member organisations Artventure, The Grange, Ochre PrintAble, Dramatize, Halow and LinkAble to make banners that are both an expression of the group and convey a message important to the group as a whole.  

The project is inspired by the beautiful Asafo flags created by the Fante people from Central Ghana.  Asafo means ‘war people’ and their flags are an expression of community identity and often refer to a local historical event or a proverb.  The project also references traditional sewn banners created by women marching for women’s suffrage and those typically made to represent WI groups and marching bands.  Over recent years these have been used to inspire contemporary artworks by artists such as Jeremy Deller, Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry and Bob & Roberta Smith.

The banners will be displayed at The Lightbox, Woking from Tuesday 29 September 2020 – Sunday 18 October 2020.

The project is free to DAiSY groups and is funded by Surrey Arts and DAiSY.

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