About DAiSY

What is DAiSY?

DAiSY (DAiSYfest CIC) is an umbrella organisation which promotes and celebrates the works of disabled artists and disability arts organisations in Surrey.

The organisation strives to develop the South East as the lead region in the UK for disability and deaf cultural activity, making Surrey a welcoming and accessible place for all artists to practice.

DAiSY was founded as a steering group in 2011, initially with the intention of delivering festivals that celebrated the work of its members. DAiSY delivered DAiSYfest at Leatherhead Theatre in 2013 and then at GLive in 2014 and 2016.

Since this time DAiSY has changed the way it works to create a programme of activity which happens throughout the year. The focus has also shifted to encompass advocacy and training, whilst still keeping artistic delivery and networking at the heart of its delivery.

In 2020 DAiSY became DAiSYfest CIC, incorporating as a charitable organisation. During this year DAiSY also launched its Artist Commissioning scheme.

The DAiSY Team

Cara Flowers

Cara is the Managing and Artistic Director and is responsible for the overall running of DAiSY. As a Neurodiverse Artist herself she has nearly 20 years’ experience of working in the visual arts with an expertise in public and participatory art as both Artist and Producer.

Ellie Page

Ellie is Head of Marketing and Communications for DAiSY. She is responsible for the marketing strategy and managing DAiSY’s social media presence. Ellie is a regional manager for a national arts charity, as well as an accessibility consultant, mental health worker and podcast host. She is a disabled artist herself, and is a passionate and experienced activist and advocate for disability rights.

Laura Jones

Laura Jones is a Trustee of DAiSY. She is a dance artist, based in South East England. As well as being Co-Artistic Director at Stopgap Dance Company she is also on the board of Trustees at East London Dance and English Folk Dance and Song Society.

Hayley Bull

Hayley Bull is a Trustee of DAiSY. She has worked in creative production management her whole career, both managing and supporting a range of established artists and artistic organisations within the UK and Europe. Hayley currently works as the CEO of Bloomin’ Arts.

Julie Hoyle

Julie Hoyle is a Trustee of DAiSY. She is a contemporary printmaker and an award winning current exhibiting artist.  Julie was the Founder and Director of Ochre Print Studio and Ochre PrintAble for 10 years, a truly inclusive print studio in Guildford.

Leah Zakss

Leah is a trustee of DAiSY. Leah is a music specialist with over 25 years’ international experience managing tours, partnerships and creative collaborations. For the British Council she developed international connections with Drake Music, Attitude is Everything, Paraorchestra, Unlimited and many disabled artists. She is a freelance consultant, a former Trustee of London Arts and Health, and a qualified horticulturalist interested in art that explores our relationship with plants, gardens and the natural world.

Bryony Hacker

Bryony is a Producer for DAiSY, putting on inclusive and accessible exhibitions for the DAiSYChain Artists and the Members groups. Bryony has an arts background, specialising in film, photography and animation, although recently her practice has shifted towards ceramics. Bryony is a mental health advocate, and also works as a Lead Art Tutor at Bloomin’ Arts.