Cherie Brennan reflects on the process of making Breath of Nature

Oct 29, 2021 | Art Project, Breath of Nature

My name is Cherie Brennan and I am a Freelance Dance Artist and Teacher based in Hampshire. I recently had the pleasure of working with three community groups; Halow, Rhythmic Collision and Bloomin Arts to choreograph and create a dance film with Filmmaker Floyd Konde.

Due to COVID-19 it had been a while since I had been involved in a project so was thrilled when this came my way and was excited to dance with new people. I worked with Halow and Bloomin Arts in person and Rhythmic Collision over Zoom. We had three sessions of either 1hr or 1hr30 to create and one session to film. Nature and being outside, whether it was in parks or a garden, was a key thing during lockdown so we used Nature as our theme for the choreography. Some members of Halow who were not in the piece also used Nature as a theme and created artwork as a backdrop for the dancers. Every group learnt the same unison phrase and then added their own individual creative element into the piece through a set creative task. It was wonderful to take a step back, let everyone explore and then see what they had made. Everybody including staff were a pleasure to work and dance with bringing energy, positivity and joy to every class.