Mediums:Poetry, Fiction, Painting, Drawing (graphite, pencil, ink etc.), Mixed Media, Carpentry, Digital Illustration

Available for: Delivering workshops, Artist residencies, Artist commissions, Exhibition opportunities, Selling artwork, Working with young people

Alietc. is a versatile creative individual, excelling as an artist, writer, and purveyor of silliness. His artistic endeavours encompass a wide array of topics, with a particular emphasis on social justice, mental health and wellbeing, which he explores through his paintings and writings.

His works have been showcased in numerous exhibitions, and his writings have been published in various outlets, showcasing his talent and creativity to a broader audience. Furthermore, Alietc. occasionally captivates audiences with his spoken word performances, adding another dimension to his artistic expression.

In addition to his individual pursuits, Alietc. actively collaborates with fellow artists and writers on joint projects, fostering a vibrant creative community. Beyond his artistic endeavours, Alietc. shares his life with his cherished companion, Denzel, a delightful little dog, and takes being silly very seriously.

Affiliated with:

Creative Response Arts