Kate Kennington-Steer

Mediums: Creative Writing, Painting, Drawing (graphite, pencil, ink etc.),  Illustration, Film, Digital Illustration, Photography, 2D Animation

Available for: Artist residencies, Artist commissions, Exhibition opportunities, Selling artwork, Commissions for making short animation short films


Kate Kennington Steer is a disabled writer, contemplative photographer and visual artist based in Guildford, Surrey. She trained as a performance designer and was involved in theatre education as a designer/director and youth/community theatre maker. She went on to do a PhD in Theatre history, and to teach arts/event management at various H.E. and F.E. institutions. In 2003 Kate had to take medical retirement due to chronic ill health and depression. This led Kate to (re)commit to creative writing and photography as a means of processing her pain and grief. A referral to Creative Response Arts in 2010, allowed her to use informal arts therapy techniques to reconnect to her creativity as a visual artist. She remains part of the Creative Response Arts community today. Slowly, Kate regained her confidence in other forms of creative expression, including painting and printmaking. She was awarded a prize for Abstract Photography by the Royal Horticultural Society in 2012.


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