Mediums: Painting, Printmaking

Available for: Delivering workshops, Artist residencies, Artist commissions, Exhibition opportunities, Selling artwork, Working with vulnerable adults

Nomzi – a visual storyteller, an explorer of chroma and form, harnesses the transformative power of colour and shape to create vibrant, dynamic works that resonate with a unique, evocative voice. From a very young age, Nomzi found herself enamoured with the world’s spectrum of hues and the myriad shapes they inhabit. Her fascination isn’t limited to their singular aesthetic appeal but expands into their symbiotic relationship – how they interact, contrast, and blend to evoke emotions, narratives, and energy. Her artistic journey is a perpetual exploration of this intricate dance between colour and form. She believes that colours aren’t merely visual elements but sentient characters. Each shade carries a personality, a mood, a story – waiting to be unfolded. When they converge with shapes, it’s a symphony of conversations, a harmonious exchange that unfolds across the canvas, creating a compelling visual dialogue. Nomzi’s work is characterized by a robust, daring palette and a clever interplay of geometric and organic forms. Whether it’s the bold curves against angular lines or the subtle dance of complementary colours, her paintings invite viewers into a journey of discovery. It’s about diving into the depths of the visible and invisible, the said and unsaid, to unearth the raw, untamed beauty of existence. In her creative process, Nomzi approaches each canvas as a playground, a space for spontaneity and intentionality to coexist. She allows her intuition to guide the first stroke, then allows the dialogue between colour and shape to direct the artwork’s evolution. It’s a process of constant experimentation, of pushing boundaries, challenging conventions, and breaking free from predefined paths.

When painting a landscape, she describes: “This isn’t merely a painting of a place we know, I want you to experience a new place, where my memories are spiced with fantasy… atmosphere” As an artist, she hopes to inspire viewers to perceive colour and shape not as isolated elements but as interconnected forces that shape our reality, our perceptions, and our emotions. Through her work, she aims to illuminate the magic of the everyday, the extraordinary in the ordinary, and invites us all to partake in her vibrant, shape-filled spectacle of life.