Natalie Priest

Mediums: Non-Fiction Writing, Painting, Drawing, Illustration, Film, Digital Illustration, Photography, 2D Animation

Available for: Artist residencies, Artist commissions, Exhibition opportunities, Selling artwork, Making animation short films for commissions.

Hello I’m Natalie Priest. I’m a Neurodiverse Animator, artist and Illustrator who also has mental health issues. I create digital Illustration on my laptop and iPod, I also make Acrylic on canvas paintings too and create 2D digital animation. I like to focus on artwork that Is all about bold and colourful design and features lively characters. I love colour, especially bright colours and that shows a lot in my work. I also like to create artwork which Is positive and uplifting with a message of hope. And If my art work can make people smile then that Is a bonus for me. I like to entertain the viewer with the energy of my work.