Sam Barrett

Mediums: Drawing (graphite, pencil, ink etc.), Illustration, Film, Digital Illustration, Animation

Available for: Artist residencies, Artist commissions, Exhibition opportunities, Selling your artwork

I draw in a graphic colourful style using pro marker pens. I like creating figures and creatures which are often other worldly. I have many stories I wish to tell and use drawing and stop motion animation to tell them. I have illustrated a pack of playing cards for the Orpheus Centre. In 2021 I was awarded a yearlong commission from DAISY in partnership with Watts gallery to be inspired by G F Watts Paintings and create a animation. It is called ‘The Minotaur’s Strange Past’ which was shown at the Oska Bright film festival this year. Some of the items I have illustrated have been posters, CD cover, children’s audio book cover, theatre programme and portraits.