Sandra Priseman

Mediums: Creative Writing, Poetry, Print-Making, Collage, Mixed Media

Available for: Artist residencies, Artist commissions, Exhibition opportunities

My name is Sandra Priseman. I have a big interest in producing my own artwork and creative writing, and I structure my weeks activities around this. My main disabilities are a complex mental health condition, and I am a survivor of breast cancer. After completing my degree I worked full time as a social worker for a number of years before I became really unwell and became unable to work. As part of my recovery, I was encouraged to start writing, which I found difficult but very therapeutic. I also started attending Creative Response, which is a supported art studio for people with mental health difficulties, but it was creative writing that I enjoyed the most and so I helped to set up their first creative writing group, which is still running now.

I often superimpose the text of poetry I’ve written onto my artwork, so they are combined as one final piece. Because art was never part of my childhood, especially with my mental health condition, I disengage from a lot of things so I used to struggle to connect when creating visual art, but Creative Response has been my lifeline – because of the support from the arts workers I am feeling more engaged with the art I produce, and I am learning to be playful with it.

I’ve taken part in quite a few DAiSY projects, including having my poetry published for the first time. The poem below is very important to me and is dedicated to my brother and sister, and our childhood memories. Being awarded RHS Wisley artist in residence has been a highlight of my journey so far, as it’s something I never thought I would do. As well as having private tours of their Herbarium, I have also been supported by a writing mentor and have written new poetry in response to Sophie Rider’s Dancing Hares statue. I chose “Emotional Journey Through Nature” (Healing within Mother Earth) as the theme of my residency, and am really looking forward to celebrating with a solo exhibition at Space to Grow.


Abandoned in the garden

I wonder what you are going to be used for next?

Left to rot!!!!

But today I see that someone has planted strawberry plants

Just flowering at the moment

But one day soon the flowers will transform into fruits

Starting green, turning to white

Ripening in the sun into a juicy bright red

So therefore, this Wheelbarrow was never abandoned

But turns out to be full of fruits

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