Watts Gallery Partnership Commission – Sam Barrett

Watts Gallery Partnership Commission

The 2021 Watts Gallery Partnership Commission has been awarded to Sam Barrett.

About The Commission

We are proud to offer a partnership commission with Watts Gallery, which aims to help artists foster connections with our cultural partners across the county of Surrey.

The 2021 Watts Gallery Commission awardee is Sam Barrett. Sam draws characters and creatures, making whole new worlds in stop motion animation. Inspired by the works of George Frederic Watts, Sam created an animation ‘The Minotaur’s Strange Past’.



The Watts Gallery opened the artist commission by hosting Sam Barrett as Artist in Residence. Sam used this time to learn about George F Watts artworks, and to start planning the work to create his animation over the commission year.

You can read about Sam’s experiences over the two weeks in his blog here.

Sam Barrett

I am inspired by Jamie Hewlett the artist who creates images for the Gorillaz band, street art for example Buff Monster, video games, films, animation and anime. The Greek mythology, Norse mythology and Terry Pratchett disc world also inspire me.

Commission Artist

Sam Barrett

“I draw every day in a graphic style using Windsor and Newton pro marker pens. I like colours and pattern. I like creating figures and creatures which are often other worldly.

I have many stories I wish to tell and use stop motion animation to tell them.

I attend the Orpheus College in Godstone, I work making props, scenery, publicity material and animated films for their theatre productions.

I am inspired by Jamie Hewlett the artist who creates images for the Gorillaz band. Greek and Norse mythology also interest me.”

About Watts Gallery

Founded in 1904, Watts Gallery Trust promotes the enjoyment and understanding of the art of George Frederic Watts (1817-904) and Mary Watts (1849-1938) who established a home and studios there in the 1890s. At the centre of all their work is a commitment to an Art for All ethos – opening up the collections and creative opportunities for everyone, regardless of background, disability or challenging circumstances.

Artist Mentor

Lily Ash Sakula