Flock of Birds

The Flock of Birds Project

As we have all enjoyed watching and listening to the birds over the last 18 months, we thought it would be wonderful to create our own flocks of birds to roost in trees in a fun hour and half long workshop.

We will look briefly at some of the 398(!!!) brightly coloured species making up the parrot genre that live mainly in tropical regions and use photos as inspiration or our imaginations to make our own fantastical tropical birds.

About The Project

A Surrey Arts Wardrobe staff member will bring along colour card printed with templates with a choice of mix & match bodies, wings and tails for the participants to cut out and decorate with either pen, paint or fabric scraps (supplied by SAW). Once they are dry you can hang them outside in a tree to flutter around in the wind or they can become part of an internal display.

The project is supported as part of the Growing DAiSY Project, funded by Arts Council England.

Callum Graham Robertson, Programme Coordinator

‘This fun workshop will also teach participants about biodiversity. Paper is a great material to work with, as it is easy to use and can have impressive results’

Artist Facilitator

Susan Dinmore

Hi there. I’m Susan.

You might know me from my role collating the quarterly DAiSY newsletter but I also work for Surrey Arts in The Wardrobe (the costume hire department). I run lots of textiles based workshops for groups such as DAiSY and Watts Gallery. I have a degree in Constructed Textiles, majoring in knit and a passion for vintage fashion and period dramas; hence working in The Wardrobe! I’m mum to two annoying and grumpy teenagers, three cats (only one of them is grumpy) and quite a few fish.