Lesley Illingworth Exhibits at the House of Commons 6 – 10 May

Apr 29, 2024 | DAiSY~Chain, General, Lesley Illingworth

DAiSY~Chain artist Lesley Illingworth is set to make history with a solo-exhibition at the House of Commons this May.


Lesley was awarded the Re-Growth Bursary from DAiSY in 2020. At the time, Lesley was clear that what she ultimately wanted was to exhibit her creations within a parliamentary setting, a declaration that was met with surprise and some degree of scepticism.

Now, after four years of dedication and determination, Lesley is set to realise this ambition with Artists and Disability Oppression: Up Close and Intensive, an installation comprised of 14 painted and embroidered panels. Despite encountering financial limitations and logistical complexities, Lesley has remained steadfast and determined. The exhibition will grace the Upper Waiting Room of the Houses of Commons from Monday 6 May – Friday 10 May 2024.


“I knew I couldn’t do this work alone, so I made a call out to all my contacts. The disability world has been truly impressive, providing me with so much emotional and physical support. However, this ‘boot camp’ experience has been far from ideal, as my access needs are not met and disability oppression is full on and in my face. The ableist expectations of others are haunting, but so is my need to complete this challenge.”

To support Lesley’s exhibition at the House of Commons, contributions are welcomed through her dedicated GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/artists-and-disability-oppression

For further insights and updates, please visit Disability Arts Online where Lesley has blogged about her progress: https://disabilityarts.online/blog/author/lesley-illingworth/

You can view Lesley’s DAiSY~Chain artist profile here: https://daisyfest.co.uk/daisy-chain/lesley-illingworth/