Resources for Artists

On this page we have compiled a selection of the best resources for disabled artists in Surrey, including where to find funding, training, support and facilities to create, showcase, perform and exhibit your work.


Business & Tax

Grants, Awards & Funding

Networks & Opportunities


Organisations & Facilities in Surrey


Finding a network can help you as an artist to access support, advice, mentoring and more.

Disability Arts Networks

  • Join DAiSY~Chain, our very own Disabled Artist Network for artists in Surrey & the South East
  • DANC (the Disabled Artists Networking Community for artists and those working in TV)
  • Attitude Is Everything (a UK-wide network for disabled musicians)
  • Outside In (a digital platform providing artist development, exhibitions, and training for artists experiencing significant barriers to the art world)

Artists Networks, Unions and Associations (Local and Nationally, not Disability-Focused)

Mentoring, 121 Support and Check-ins

Business & Tax

Freelancing and Self-Employment

Find out more about setting up as a sole trader and paying tax as a self-employed freelancer.


Learn how to budget for your projects.

Business Planning and Bid Writing Advice

Plan how to run your business and write compelling bids for grants and awards.

Fees and Pricing Your Work

Find tools and guidance on pricing your work, and calculating fees for your services.

Grants, Awards & Funding

Funding Opportunities

Find funding opportunities for your work and projects.

Awards and Grants for Artists

See what awards and grants are available for UK-based artists.

Benevolent Funds

Funds for emergencies and artists in financial distress.

Networks and Opportunities

Online Presence and Self-Promotion

Finding Opportunities

Listings sites for jobs and open calls.

Working with Venues / Commissioners / Galleries

Access Riders and How to Write Them

Create an access guide to help you share what you need.

Disclosure of Disability and Your Rights

Find out what the law says, and how to approach disclosing your disability.


Find funding for your access needs.

Access to Work Funding

Guides to getting access to work funding.

Access Support

Find out more about access support and what you can get funding for.